8 Benefits of a Sales Order App You Need to Know

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8 Benefits of a Sales Order App You Need to Know

Every aspect of the B2B eCommerce landscape appears to change dramatically each year. Wholesale distribution is no exception. Your order-to-cash process is directly affected by how your company processes sales orders. If you are a B2B wholesale distributor and still using an outdated or manual process, you risk lowering your overall profitability and customer satisfaction.

Sales order automation has emerged as a helpful tool for companies looking to automate manual tasks that are an important part of the sales process. Through this article, you will learn what a sales order app is and how it can help your business.

What is a Sales Order App?

A sales order app is software that automates your order-taking process for pre-sales or direct store delivery (DSD) by allowing your sales reps to place orders in the field using their mobile phones. Field sales reps no longer have to phone in orders, fax them, or wait until they have access to a laptop or desktop computer because information such as products, prices, catalogs, specials, customer information, and order history is regularly synced to the phone. With real-time, accurate information at their fingertips and a simple sales order process, sales reps can devote more time to their next sales opportunity.

8 Benefits of Using a Sales Order App

Here are some of the major benefits of using a sales order app.

1. Efficient order processing

Using paper to take orders is a thing of the past. Without technology, it is too easy to misplace or mismanage orders, risk costly human error, and lose time due to manual work. Even spreadsheets and PDFs are cumbersome and waste precious time. Instead, we recommend an excellent sales order management app to maximize earning potential and process orders efficiently.

2. Improved customer service

If you use a sales order app, your sales reps can easily access their customers’ information and quickly address their needs. This means spending less time calling offices and sorting through paperwork and more time talking to customers.

With more time, you can focus on providing the best possible service quality to your customers. You’ll also save time and energy by automating manual tasks that your sales order app can handle.

3. Better inventory management

Customers will almost certainly inquire whether the items they wish to order are in stock as part of the selling process. Real-time inventory data can be used by sales reps to determine where items are at any given time. Assume the sales rep can demonstrate to the customer that your company can deliver desired items on time. In that case, the customer can proceed to place the order with confidence.

4. Enhanced customer experience

Usually, when a customer has a problem with or a question about their order, they’ll need to contact the customer service center or a sales rep for assistance. This is frequently basic information that can consume valuable time and resources for both parties.

With a sales order app, customers can easily access their own portal and do multiple things, including:

  • checking the status of their orders,
  • placing other orders,
  • looking up new inventory,
  • getting information about the status of their account, and
  • canceling orders.

This provides your customers, sales team, and customer service team with more time and freedom to handle issues on their own. Plus, your customers will appreciate the ability to manage their accounts.

5. Greater data visibility and minimized errors

Slipups are unavoidable when employees are tasked with manually entering information or sales reps are physically holding order forms. Misunderstandings occur when customers expect one thing but are unable to review their order until the information has been transferred from sales reps into the accounting system.

These are all examples of businesses losing control of their data. A sales order app significantly reduces the possibility of data errors, data loss, and data security breaches because the data passes through fewer hands. Using a customer portal for online order tracking and review increases visibility and reduces the possibility of misunderstandings between you and your customers.

6. Increased close rates

A sales order app provides your sales team with the tools they need to complete transactions while in front of the customer. Your sales reps are not required to schedule a second meeting to provide additional information for the customer to make a decision.

Many customers have already done extensive product research online before contacting a company to speak with a salesperson. When they speak with someone about their needs, they are already motivated to make a purchase decision. The sales order app makes it easier to clarify the customer’s needs and close the deal during the meeting.

7. Process orders from anywhere

Your sales reps don’t have to visit your customers’ places to sell your products. The mobile sales order app allows your sales team to meet customers wherever they are. Your sales team is prepared to do business wherever it is most convenient for customers, whether that is at the customer’s main office, a coffee shop, or a job site.

Taking orders at trade shows and conventions is simple and convenient with a mobile sales order app. It’s far more efficient than trying to process multiple paper sales orders at the end of the day. Instead, each order is immediately placed, and the products are removed from inventory in real-time. Plus, your sales team always has up-to-date stock information.

8. Faster shipments

With a good sales order app, you can easily send orders directly to your warehouse without having to rekey the order. With this capability, you can reduce errors, lower warehouse costs, and increase the order-to-ship time. Customers and sales reps will also be able to see real-time shipping confirmations and tracking information.

Sales order automation is often the starting point for many businesses looking to improve their operations. If you believe these benefits should be applied to your business process, feel free to contact Order in Seconds today.



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